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What exactly is online coaching and how does it differ to Personal Training?

Online coaching covers all of the elements that traditional PT sessions can't access. With your coaching programme, your entire day to day calendar of events (in relation to your wellness and personal goals) is fully catered for. Coaching programmes include comprehensive dietary advice and daily nutritional plans to follow and engage with, daily bespoke fitness programming to suit your needs and the ability to speak with Steve anytime (to ensure everything is understood, working effectively and always progressing positively).

What will happen in my first week upon starting?

The first step is to complete your personal review questionnaires (covering lifestyle, nutrition and food considerations, exercise and activity requirements). This is followed by a consultation discussion with Steve, to talk through the finer details and finalise the agreed direction for your initial programming. Whilst your programme is designed, you will begin a kickstart diet and activity preparation plan. This is a simple resetting approach to ensure you are well placed to begin your programme. Please allow 48hours for this design process.

How often can I expect to speak with Steve?

You will be able to speak to Steve directly any time and will be in constant conversation. Steve will review your update logs, check-in responses and talk with you every step of the way to ensure you are always on track, making progress and feeling great.

What type of diet will I follow?

You won't be on a diet. You will be following a tailored food plan that is designed to your needs, food preferences, eating patterns and desired personal goals. Diets tend to be short term approaches with strict guidelines and restrictions to keep to. Your food plan will be complete with a full library of meal inspirations, all portioned exactly to your needs (caloric volume, nutrient density and macro balance all considered). This will provide a sense of flexibility and freedom to your eating habits that typical may not allow for. You should aim to make nutritional choices that are sustainable, enjoyable and provide an overall postive effect on your physical and mental state. We will monitor your plan as your programme develops and tweak/adjust as required to ensure you are always getting the best results for your efforts (and that always fit suitably into your lifestyle).

Do I need to have access to a gym or fitness equipment at home?

You do not need access to a gym and you do not need any equipment at all to begin on your new coaching programme and to succeed in making great body shape changes. However, goal dependent, there are times when having access to higher load capacity exercises and more diverse movement options may enhance your potential results. Steve has designed gyms globally for many large fitness chains and can help design your own home gym, recommend ideal home workout packs or assist in choosing the best local workout groups and facilities in your area. View Steve's home gym design page and catalogue here.

How do I access my workouts and where is my food plan saved?

Using the coaching app, you will be able to find all of your nutritional advice and meal plans, exercise regimes and coach chat function all in one place.

Do I need to track my food and workout performances?

It is not essential to track your food and workouts, however it is recommended to provide the greatest amount of data to review and work from. There are alternative approaches we can use if you are not comfortable with tracking your efforts. However, we would always suggest logging as much as possible is your best approach.

How long is the average coaching plan?

This is a question with a million answers. There is no average plan, everyone is unique and their programme should reflect the individual needs they require. A typical and impressive transformation can occur in as little as 6-8 weeks. However, most clients tend to stay on programme for much longer than this and progress their goals as they achieve each milestone they are aiming for.

How much weight should I aim to lose each week (I want fast results, but I also want to be realistic and keep the weight off in future too)?

This will very much vary depending on the timlines available to meet the desired goal. However, 0.5kg losses per week is a great achievement for clients to strive towards as it provides fast, dramatic results yet is also safe and sustainable (without causing any stress related issues), until goal weight is reached.

How much can I expect to improve my strength and performance?

Strength can improve significantly with new and strict training protocols. You may even see as much as 20-25% increases within the first month if you are returning to exercise after a long time. Advanced trainers and athletes, with a strong track record of regular training at high performance levels, will see much smaller gains due to relative fine margins. Performance rewards will be the same, however the percentages are lower.

I haven't exercised in a long time and I am currently very unift.  Is this safe and suitable for me?

Absolutely! Every coaching pathway is individually tailored, so it doesn't matter how fit or unfit you currently are. As long as we analyse your current starting point accurately, we will have a base to build upon - from here the only way is up.

Does my programme include guidance and support in performance enhancement supplements?

Yes. Depending on the nutritional elements included within your meal plans, supplements may be advisable to aid performance and daily function.

What happens when I reach my goal?

We celebrate! The first thing will be to take stock and to review the hardwork and efforts completed to achieve the goals that have been met. the next phase is either.... Maintenance or Progress. For maintenance, it is about lifestyle management approaches to keep the progress already made (and not slip back into old ways or lose the body shape you have worked so hard for). However, most of the time - clients who achieve their initial goals decide to open up their imagination and dream a little bigger. New goals emerge, and new found confidence levels, skills and abilities open up a whole host of new opportunities. We redirect towards these, focus heavily on them and go again to achieve the next set of goals.

I don't have a smart phone or laptop, can I still follow this coaching system?

You do not need to use a smart device. You will be assigned your own personal app portal and it is advisable to use a smart device. The app is the most user friendly and time efficient way to track and engage with your programme (as well as to liaise with Steve). However, print out and email plans can be shared if required.

How does the cost of online coaching compare to Personal Training sessions?

Online coaching is a much more cost effective way of taking full control of your health, wellbeing and fitness. Online coaching for an entire month with full support is the equivalent to less than two PT sessions only! View prices for both online coaching and Personal Training here.

Do you offer private PT sessions as well as online coaching?

Absolutely! Private sessions are available as either PT performance sessions, therapy/remedial sessions or nutrition/consultation sessions. Face to face sessions are a fantastic way to take training approaches to the next level as they provide an enhanced environment for analysis, motivation and support. With PT training, advanced techniques can be integrated into coaching programmes such as forced repping, manual resistance elements and high intensity spotting which are really helpful in getting the most out of every training session possible. Please note, I always recommend online coaching first and then adding PT on top, rather than the other way round. It is better to be in control of the whole lifestyle and daily habits (food, exercise and stress management), rather than solely focussing on enhancing a few hours per month. Best results always come with a holstic approach.

Disclaimer: Pricing and availability subject to change.